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Lords of Vegas – Become a Casino Tycoon Today

Lords of Vegas – Become a Casino Tycoon Today

A new board game, Lords of Vegas, sees players become developers and casino bosses and work to build up the Las Vegas strip.

Lords of Vegas – Become a Casino Tycoon Today

Lords of Vegas will transform you into a ruthless casino operator trying to make a mark on the Vegas strip.

The game requires careful planning, tactical thinking and a bit of luck in order to avoid going bust.

The aim of the game is to collect the most points by owning the right casinos. Players must develop building lots on the Vegas strip, by drawing cards players earn money and points which can then be turned into casinos.

The game sees ruthless interplay between players as they attempt to take over each others casinos and build on land before anyone else.

The game involves a certain amount of luck, but that is fitting for a game about casinos.

Nonetheless, there is a significant element of planning involved, much like a betting strategy in a casino game.

It is possible to wager you earnings in order to try and steal money away from another player, however, as with any type of gambling, you do run the risk of losing all your cash.

The game is lots of fun and sure to be enjoyed by gambling fans. It’s impossible to do well without a bit of risk, but betting strategies will help.

If you enjoy testing your luck then you’re sure to enjoy a game of Lords of Vegas.

OCA News Editor