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Mobile Version of Stratego Board Game Released

Mobile Version of Stratego Board Game Released

The popular board game Stratego from Royal Jumbo is now available both online and for mobile devices.

Mobile Version of Stratego Board Game Released

Fans of Stratego can now enjoy playing it on the move thanks to a new mobile release.

It was developed for the web by Keesing Games who are well known for their game portal Head of Product and Monetisation at Keesing Games, Michel Landt, said that “the board game is quite static so we thought why not take it to the next level and introduce more powers to the board game?”

The result is much more exciting gameplay with features that are impossible to implement in a traditional board game. The game can be played in both single-player and online mode with the option to take part in a full 40-piece game or a “blitzkriege” game of 10 pieces.

The board game’s mechanics are still present and players must capture their opponents flag using a mixture of strategy and deception to move their own troops around the board.

Landt said that the next step is to implement a military conquest mode in the game which he hopes will appeal to Facebook users. Landt belives that “this version will probably have a hard time succeeding on Facebook because it’s not a social game.”

However, he is confident that with time board games which have been converted to social games will become extremely popular.

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