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New Novelty Betting Markets at Paddy Power

New Novelty Betting Markets at Paddy Power

Book makers often like to run novelty betting markets and Paddy Power in particular always seems to have a good selection of markets open.

New Novelty Betting Markets at Paddy Power

As always there is an excellent selection of novelty betting markets available at Paddy Power.

For instance, it is possible to bet on Ben Affleck becoming US President in his life time.

If you think it’s going to happen then you’ll find odds of40/1 at Paddy Power.

Fans of films and politics will enjoy the betting markets open on the Hillary Clinton movie which is currently in development.

Of course one of the first markets to open when the film was announced was which actress will be playing Hillary.

Favourite at Paddy Power is Amanda Seyfried with odds of 8/1. She is followed by Emma Stone, Katherine Heigl and Reese Witherspoon who are all at 10/2.

Of course there are some less likely choices available; odds of 66/1 are available on Lindsay Lohan taking the role and odds of 250/1 of Chelsea Clinton portraying Hillary.

Unsurprisingly you can also bet on the actor to play Bill Clinton. Jake Gyllenhaal is favourite at 9/1 and he is followed by Tobey Maguire (10/1), James Franco and Jeremy Renner (12/1). Least likely is Joaquin Phoenix at 50/1.

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