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Jason and the Golden Fleece Slots

Jason and the Golden Fleece Slots

Slot fans who also enjoy Greek mythology will love Microgaming’s new Jason and the Golden Fleece video slot.

Jason and the Golden Fleece Slots

There are six bonus rounds in Microgaming’s new video slot based upon the Greek adventure

The game is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot buit upon the myth of the rightful heir of Argos’ journey across the seas to steal the magical Golden Fleece and reclaim his kingdom.

The game is packed with elements of the story such as the isle of Colchis where the Golden Fleece is guarded by a dragon, to the monsters the crew face as they cross the seas.

Each adventure in the myth features as a bonus game in the slot. This means that there are six bonus games each with its own challenge.

Once one bonus game is mastered then the player can move on to the next. There are match-up challenges, Hi-Lo card games a jackpot wheel and much more to conquer.

The promotions manager at Casino La Vida Victoria Lamonte said that the slot “is a breakthrough game in which the player, just like the famous character Jason of Argos, must use their skill, speed and cunning to make it through one challenge after another to get the treasure they so desire.”

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