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Playboy Casino Launches on Facebook

Playboy Casino Launches on Facebook

Gamysys has recently launched Playboy Casino on Facebook. The game sees players play their way through a series of slot machines winning prizes along the way.

Playboy Casino Launches on Facebook

The new game takes players through levels of slot machines as they attempt to collect all trophies.

It starts with a 1950s style slot in order to win money and experience points, players can also win money by inviting friends to play.

Experience points are then used to progress to the next level and unlock additional machines. Each machine is based around a different era from Playboy’s history and all the slot machines feature multiple pay lines, wild symbols and bonus games.

As a player completes more levels they can collect a series of badges and trophies, the aim being to collect them all. However, while the machines are very different in aesthetics, they are essentially the same with no great surprises along the way.

The game also features a real-time chat facility which allows players to talk to each other when playing.

It remains to be seen how popular the game will become, but already there are over 50,000 monthly active users and it is currently featured in the New Games section of Facebook’s App Center.


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