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New Facebook Slots from Zynga

New Facebook Slots from Zynga

Zynga has released a new Elite Slots game for Facebook. The game is designed to combine elements of a standard multi-line slot machine with a cooperative role-playing game.

New Facebook Slots from Zynga

Zynga has released a new slots game combining traditional slots with multiplayer social gaming.

While the slot aspects of the game are very traditional, there are some additions which make it really stand out.

The game is split into two parts, chasing down a “boss” character and then battling them.

The boss is chased through playing the normal slot game, with each spin of the reels the player’s character advances towards the boss.

Along the way there are bonuses to collect and new levels to unlock.

When the players reach the boss (by collectively filling a progress bar) it is battled by spinning the reels. However, it doesn’t cost to spin; all players taking part in the battle must spin as much as possible within a 1-minute period. 

During this section the reels feature special symbols that inflict different amounts of damage on the boss. Players can also use special items to inflict extra damage on the boss.

Defeating the boss results in extra prizes and if it remains undefeated then players are ranked and can try again at the end of the next round.

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