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What Draws Companies to Social Gambling Games

What Draws Companies to Social Gambling Games

Competition is growing as more and more companies try to develop successful social casino games. However, the task is not straight forward and requires a huge amount of work.

What Draws Companies to Social Gambling Games

Gaming and gambling companies are flocking to the world of social casino gaming.

For example, developing a slots game algorithm is extremely complicated and requires a huge amount of mathematical skills.

Many gambling companies employ huge amounts of mathematicians to help develop an attractive gaming experience.

New companies also have to try and attract an audience away from the well-established online game developers. Success depends on attracting players and then making them stay.

On the other side of the equation are land based casino operators who are now turning to the online world.

While online gambling is illegal in the US social casino games provide an excellent way to draw players to real-money gambling websites.

Greg Enell from Double Down recently said that “The thinking is that social gaming is a mechanism to build a large gambling-oriented audience now, so when elements of online gambling start to be legalized in U.S. we will have a big audience online.”

It certainly seems that the social gambling market is going to become more and more competitive over the coming years.

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