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Man Wins Lawsuit for $55 Million Jackpot

Man Wins Lawsuit for $55 Million Jackpot

A man from America, who won a $55 million jackpot on a slot machine at a five-star Vietnamese hotel, has won a court case against the casino after it refused to pay out.

Man Wins Lawsuit for $55 Million Jackpot

An American has won a case against a Vietnamese casino after they refused to pay him a $55 million jackpot.

Last Monday a court in southern Ho Chi Minh City found in favour of the man and ruled that he should be able to collect the winnings.

The casino was claiming that the size of the jackpot was over one thousand times the machine’s maximum and was the result of a fault.

According to local media the American saw the figure $55,542,291.70 appear on the machine when he was playing there in October 2009. According to reports he took pictures of the machine and asked other players present to sign statements that they had witnessed his win.

However, the casino manager refused to provide written confirmation of the win and the casino claimed it was invalid because the machine had unspecified faults.

According to the owner of the casino the maximum payout was supposed to be $46,000 so a payment of over $55 million was unthinkable. However, the court rejected this argument saying that the casino has failed to produce evidence of the fault.

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