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Video Games to Combat Child Obesity

Video Games to Combat Child Obesity

Newly published research claims that playing video games can actually help children to stay healthy rather than turn them into couch potatoes.

Video Games to Combat Child Obesity

A new study has found that video games can be an effective way of combating child obesity.

The study was carried out by members of the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services; it found that titles such as dance games will often boost energy expenditure in inner city children, a group that is typically at high risk for unhealthy weight gain.

As part of the research over 100 children from deprived areas were tested playing games against standard school sports lessons.

The results found that video games could be a useful alternative to traditional sport for children aged 8 – 11.

Author Todd Miller said, “A lot of people say screen time is a big factor in the rising tide of childhood obesity. But if a kid hates playing dodge ball but loves Dance Dance Revolution why not let him work up a sweat playing E-games?”

Video games are already used by hundreds of US schools as a way to motivate inactive children. According to Miller “many of these children live in neighbourhoods without safe places to play or ride a bike after school.” 

By giving them the chance to play games in school it may motivate children to further ‘exercise’ at home.


OCA News Editor