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Psy to Appear in Super Bowl Advert

Psy to Appear in Super Bowl Advert

If you were hoping to escape Psy and his “Gangnam Style” song then you’d better avoid the Super Bowl.

Psy to Appear in Super Bowl Advert

Gangnam Style is coming to the Super Bowl thanks to the Wonderful Pistachios advert

The pop star from Korea will be appearing in Wonderful Pistachios’ first Super Bowl advert complete with his green suit to match the pistachio colour.

In a Wonderful Pistachios press release Psy said that “The Wonderful Pistachios brand is fun, just like me. Also, I love pistachios and I look good in green.”

This is the first advert to be shown in the U.S. which features Psy. It was filmed last week in North Hollywood by Grammy winning director Matchew Cullen.

The “get Crackin” ad will be shown at the Super Bowl on February 3rd and will feature Psy showing a special way to crack open the nuts. The company’s executives are hoping that the advert will turn into a viral sensation.

Marc Seguin, Paramount Farms vice president of marketing, said that “The Super Bowl is the most widely watched sporting event of the year, ‘Gangnam Style’ is the most-watched YouTube video, and Wonderful Pistachios is the top-selling snack nut item on the market. It’s a powerhouse combination.”

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