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Become the Next Progressive Jackpot Millionaire

Become the Next Progressive Jackpot Millionaire

There are more millionaires being created by online casinos than ever before thanks to progressive jackpot games.

Become the Next Progressive Jackpot Millionaire

The vast amount of progressive slots available means more millionaires are being created every week.

While people don’t expect to hit the jackpot, the fact is they are won every week and even for those who don’t there are still huge payouts to be won.

Last year saw many lucky winners such as a man from Lincolnshire in England who won 5.883 million while playing Microgaming’s Dark Knight Slot.

Nonetheless the largest win on record happened in September 2011 when €11.74 million was won from the Mega Fortune progressive jackpot.

The good news is that the Mega Fortune Progressive Jackpot is due to break this world record, at present it is worth over €15 million and it is only a matter of time before someone wins it. Don’t worry if you’re not the lucky winner, as soon as it’s hit it starts rising again.

Another jackpot to keep an eye on is Millionaire Genie, its prizes are normally over $3 million and the game can be found at many online casinos. While it is a simply game, a three reel slot, the potential winnings are huge.

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