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Jackpot Winner Forced to Close Business

Jackpot Winner Forced to Close Business

A few weeks ago Online Casino Archives published an article on the unfortunate luck that some lottery winners experience, and now another example has come to light.

Jackpot Winner Forced to Close Business

Adrian Bayford the £148 Million Jackpot Winner has been forced to shut his business after suffering abuse.

Record shop owner and £148 million jackpot winner, Adrian Bayford, has been forced into closing his business after he was subjected to continuous abusive demands for money.

After winning the lottery in August last year Bayford pledged to keep his store open and was back at work just two weeks after his win. He demonstrated his modest intentions by celebrating the win with a Domino’s pizza and an EasyJet holiday to Scotland with his family.

According to another business owner in the area “Adrian was getting a lot of grief from people walking in and trying to get cash off him.

There are idiots in every town and some got nasty when he turned them away.”

Bayford has posted a sign in the window of his old shop saying that he hopes to start a new business repairing musical instruments.

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