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Casino Win Ends in Deportation to Mexico

Casino Win Ends in Deportation to Mexico

One lucky casino winner, Mirna Valenzuela, soon found that she was not so lucky after she faced deportation having won $1,200 at an Arizona casino.

Casino Win Ends in Deportation to Mexico

A not-so-lucky winner was deported to Mexico after trying to claim her casino winnings using fraudulent documentation.

Valenzuela won the money playing at the Casino del Sol Resort with her daughter, upon winning they were asked by casino staff to provide their personal identifications.

Upon seeing the identifications casino staff suspected that the documents were frauds and called the police who later confirmed it.

Valenzuela’s daughter, Zamira Osorio, was later released as she qualifies for the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

However, her mother was less fortunate and was immediately handed to the Border Patrol and sent back to Mexico.

According to federal law, anyone who wins $1,200 or above is required by law to show identification for tax purposes.

According to a casino spokesperson Valenzuela is still able to claim her winnings if she returns with the proper documentation.

Unfortunately Osorio says this won’t be possible as her mother is already back in Mexico.

Had Valenzuela been playing at an online casino she would never had had this problem.


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