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The Benefits of Legal Online Gambling

The Benefits of Legal Online Gambling

The USA is still the top gambling country, last year the industry made $105 billion.

The Benefits of Legal Online Gambling

While online gambling is illegal in the US, many countries are using it to generate huge revenues.

However, China is quickly catching up and Macau has overtaken Las Vegas as the favourite destination for high stakes gambling.

As a result it may be time for the US government to legalise online gambling, an industry worth roughly $30 billion.

Countries where online gambling is legal have been taking advantage of the gaming boom for years and pulling in revenue from poker, casino and sports betting sites for a few years.

For instance around 21% of gambling revenue in Britain came from online gambling this year.

In Britain the most popular game was roulette and it’s estimated that men spend about 14 months of their life placing online bets.

Countries such as Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Denmark are also taking advantage of online gambling. Together they brought in $8.5 billion from gambling last year and over 30% of that was from online gaming.

There are a number of countries where online gambling is still illegal, however, as the game market continues to expand it wouldn’t be surprising to see more and more countries taking advantage of this easy form of revenue.

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