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Zynga Releases Revamped FarmVille 2

Zynga has released FarmVille 2 for players on and the Facebook platform.

Zynga has released FarmVille 2 for players on and the Facebook platform

In the new version players will be on a traditional farm where instead of harvesting for Farm Coins they will be harvesting for the sake of the crops which can then be used for various activities on the farm.

For instance, if you harvest crops you can use them to feed the animal and then collect goods from your animals before crafting with these goods.

Another nice addition is the Village Grocer who will offer to buy your goods from you in exchange for Farm Coins. Best of all the Village Grocer will only ask for items that you have available.

In FarmVille 2 when a player requests help from a friend they have more control over what the friend does. Players can simply drag and drop their friends on to specific activities in order for them to help.

Another significant change is that the game now contains small challenges with no time limits so there is no need to quickly beg for items before a quest ends.

Best of all it is completely possible to play FarmVille 2 without spending any real money whatsoever.

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