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Online Bingo – Maintaining a Wonderful Tradition

Bingo has now become the UK’s second most popular online game.

Bingo has now become the UK’s second most popular online game.

The game originated in 14th century Italy, it took until the inter-war years for it to reach the UK when it offered a cheap way for soldiers and their wives to socialise. Very quickly the game became associated with the rhyming slang phrases invented to identify the ball numbers in the game.

Perhaps the most famous of these phrases is ‘two fat ladies’ which represents the number 88. However, there are many more favourites include ‘3 cup of tea’, ’26 pick and mix’ and ’32 buckle my shoe’.

Unfortunately, in online bingo the numbers are simply displayed at the top of the screen rather than being called out. On some sites you can hear the bingo caller; however, they tend not to use rhyming slang. Nonetheless, those who want to learn more of this bingo language should head to the chat rooms where players often make references to it.

Another great aspect of the bingo tradition is the lack of competitiveness within the game. Although it is played for real money, players also treat it as a chance to meet and have fun. Thanks to the internet it seems these traditions will continue for years to come.

OCA News Editor