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Dirty Harry Does a Royal Job in Vegas

Like father, like son. Unless you live in North Korea, you’ve probably seen photos of Prince Harry frolicking in Las Vegas in his “post-Olympics” cool down. If you thought that the naked prince covering his crown jewels was the climax, get ready for sloppy seconds.

Ready for Harry’s Vegas Video?

Rumor has it that there is a full on video of Harry Does Vegas. Vivid Entertainment, an adult entertainment label has offered Prince Harry the hefty sum of $10,000,000 to appear in a porn movie. Harry will obviously refuse the offer as royals aren’t allowed to work and we can’t imagine a royal volunteering for Vivid.

Speaking of vivid, the photos are too revealing for a family media organization like Online Casino Archives. In the photos, the buck naked prince is shown playing strip poker and billiards. We’re happy that Harry is a poker buff – he seems to enjoy playing it in the buff.

We wonder what version of poker Harry prefers to play naked. Texas Hold ‘Em? Jacks or Better? Ace’s Wild? Does he have a favorite version of poker that he likes to play while dressed and another favorite for naked poker?

This writer won’t be watching the up and coming video of Harry Does Vegas. I’d rather watch Woody Allen at a family reunion!

OCA News Editor