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Rockstar Release New GTA V Screenshots

Rockstar’s forthcoming game Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most anticipated releases of this year. In preparation Rockstar has steadily been releasing screenshots from the game and last week they released a further four images.

Last week a series of screenshots were released showing details from the upcoming game Grand Theft Auto V

Last week on Monday photos of a person biking on a boardwalk in San Andreas, a fighter jet over a city and the super-fast sports car the “Cheetah” were released. Then two days later some more screenshots were released. They showed leisure activities that a gamer can pursue in Grand Theft Auto such as dirt biking, parachuting and playing tennis.

Finally on Friday they released four new images entitled “Business.” The first image shows a man attempting to steal a sports car with a police car chasing him in the background.

The second image shows an old aeroplane flying over a river with a large cliff that seems to drop for hundreds of feet. In the third image a man is seen running away from a helicopter that is preparing to land in the middle of the street with a gunman about to shoot the running man. A sports car from previous versions of GTA can also be seen in the image.

The final image shows another helicopter. This time it is flying around a building at night with a spotlight shining on a gunman as he aims at the helicopter. It seems the gunman is doomed as he is covered in laser pointers from the helicopter.

According to Rockstar there won’t be any more screenshots released for a few more weeks. It has been observed that every vehicle in the trailer has “OCT” as the registration date on the license plate. This had led to speculation that Rockstar is planning something special for October, if not the full release then at least some more screenshots or trailers.

OCA News Editor