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Disney Launches Online Games Portal

Disney has launched a new online games portal which features over 300 casual games and apps. The new web-based service is now open and players can sign up to enjoy games based upon the family-friendly characters, shows and films.

Disney has launched an online portal which features over 300 casual games and apps all build around popular Disney shows and characters.

Users can either search for games related to specific shows or characters, such as The Avengers or Toy Story, or simply browse through them using the navigation bar.  There is also a rating feature allowing players to ‘like’ the games and let their friends know. Disney is currently working on a mobile version and at present users looking for apps will be redirected to the Apple/Android stores.

Some of the more popular titles are those based on characters such as Ariel, Aladdin and Mickey Mouse, while the shows the Muppets, Spider-Man and Hannah Montana are also proving to be popular.

Paul Brown, the General Manager at Disney Interactive & Disney Music Group, said that they “are excited to offer Disney fans of all ages an interactive and fun online gaming destination.” He went on to say that the Disney Games portal contains “a vast array of Disney’s casual games and engaging content and provides platforms for self-expression and personalisation that offer a truly unique online experience.”

The games portal has launched in the UK and is expected to roll out to other European countries over the next few weeks and months.

Disney has also recently announced their game Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. It has been described as a musical game and shall be available on Wii, Xbox 260, PS3, PC and Mac from the end of November.

Unfortunately for Disney fans who also enjoy gambling, while many casual game developers have been turning to online gambling, it seems unlikely that Disney will be following suit.

OCA News Editor