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Film Review: Seth MacFarlane’s Ted

People who enjoy Family Guy style humour will be delighted with MacFarlane’s Ted film; however, the film features a subplot which won’t produce large amounts of laughs.

Anyone who enjoys MacFarlane’s other hits, such as Family Guy, is going to love his first ever film production.

Seth MacFarlane has directed, co-written and co-produced this comedy and it follows the same lines as his successful television shows American Dad and Family Guy. The humour is tactless and outrageous and full of laughs.

From the outset of the film, voiced by Patrick Stewart, huge laughs are drawn from the audience. The film begins in 1985 Boston with eight year old friendless Wahlberg receiving a teddy bear for Christmas. Wahlberg wishes that the bear could come to live and sure enough a Christmas miracle occurs and Ted is born.

The film jumps forward to Wahlberg as a 35 year old car rental salesman who prefers to stay at home stoned with his teddy bear and watching Flash Gordon. Much of the comedy is based upon the bear making outrageous jokes and the image of Ted smoking a bong sums up the tone of the film.

The subplot sees Giovanni Ribisi as an overly polite psychopath who wants to steal Ted for his son. This plot line feels unnecessary and as such the comedy does slightly suffer. There are a few excellent moments, for instance when the boy is compared to Susan Boyle, however, you are left wishing that the film had followed Ted’s rise to fame rather than this subplot.

Overall though this is an excellent film packed with great comedy. The special effects are fantastic and you are often left thinking Ted is human. Be warned that the humour is not for the easily offended, but fans of MacFarlane’s other material are sure to be delighted and fans of Flash Gordon are sure to get an extra kick out of the film

OCA News Editor