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Head of Activision Blames Zynga for Ruining Gaming

Things appear to be getting worse and worse for Zynga, one of the leading online social game developers.  Most recently, the co-founder of Activision and Pitfall! Creator, David Crane, has claimed that Zynga is responsible for giving casual games a bad name.

In a recent interview David Crane, the head of Activision, claimed that Zynga has ruined casual gaming.

In an interview with GameInformer Crane said that casual games were extremely popular ten years again but now “everyone forgot they existed just because they’re on phones”. Crane said that he feels like he has always developed casual games, games for people who “like to have fun and enjoy games on any level.” However, he thinks that the term “casual” is now “being used in a sneering way to refer to a particular subset of titles.”

Crane believes that a few years ago the average person when asked what they thought a game was would choose a title such as Angry Birds. Now he believes games such as FarmVille would be the standard response and he doesn’t like putting social and casual games under the same category. He even believes that it is the “Zynga-like games that give the ‘casual’ market a bad name.”

Crane is just the latest person to criticise Zynga who have been coming under attack from many directions in recent weeks. Zynga recently posted lower than expected revenue figures and have since found itself facing more and more problems. The problems resulted from a drop in popularity of Facebook gaming.

In recent weeks Zynga has reshuffled the management with the intention of focusing on the mobile gaming market. They hope that they can recapture their social gaming dominance through developing titles for mobile devices.  This proposal seems to have been met with mixed response, with some industry observers thinking that they have no chance and others sure of Zynga’s future success. For the time being the only definite is that Zynga need a change in their luck.

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