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Exciting New Releases from PopCap

Leading game developer PopCap has announced a number of new releases recently. In one of the announcements they said that their solitaire game, Solitaire Blitz, will be released on the “most popular smartphones and tablet devices” later this year.

As well as a new zombie app, PopCap has announced a new version of Solitaire Blitz for Android and iOS.

At present the game is available on Facebook and has over 1.8 million monthly players. The mobile version of the game is known as Mermaids! Solitaire Blitz, but despite the slightly different title, the game will still integrate with the Facebook version, in particular the weekly tournament leader boards.

There will also be a number of new features in the mobile version such as exclusive achievements, including new decks of cards.

PopCap have also announced a new app for fans of its Plants vs. Zombies series. The new app, to be released later this year, allows players to build their own 3D zombie characters with the choice of different clothes, facial features and dance moves.

Players can also choose to add 3D zombies to their own photos and videos and pictures can be enhanced with small animated zombies superimposed on them. It will them be possible to download the images to computer and share them on social networks.

The app also allows players to shout commands at their creation which will then shout the commands back in its zombie voice, much like an un-dead Talking Tom. While this isn’t really a game, more of an extension of the zombie customization elements in previous releases, it is likely to prove popular, especially as it is free to download.

While a much larger announcement was expected from Popcap, these two titles are valuable additions to their catalogue and should keep players entertained while waiting for the company to reveal what it has really been focusing on for the past 18 months.

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