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Facebook Launch Real Money Bingo Game

Facebook has launched its first real money gambling game. As of this week UK members of Facebook will be able to play real money bingo and these will soon be joined by real money slot machines.

The first real money gambling game, bingo, has been launched on Facebook and will soon be joined by slots.

It is likely that they decided to launch the game in the UK as gambling is legal and socially acceptable there. However, many think that for a mainstream consumer company moving into gambling is a risky move.

A Facebook spokesperson said that “Facebook is a place that allows people to connect and share. Real money gaming is a popular and well-regulated activity in the UK and we are allowing a partner to offer their games to adult users on the Facebook platform in a safe and controlled manner.”

The game is being completely hidden for Facebook users outside of the UK. Similarly, any users within the UK who are under 18 will not see adverts for it. In order to play users must verify their accounts in order to prove their age and location.

Many industry insiders have always expected Facebook to turn to gambling at some point and view it as the best way for the company to start making money. One European insider has estimated that gambling will turn Facebook into a $100 billion business.

The bingo game is being run in partnership with a company called Gamesys which is one of the UK’s biggest online gambling companies; they game will be called Bingo Friendzy. It is expected that Facebook will collect around a 30% “vig” from the money spent on Bingo. This will greatly help strengthen Facebook’s revenue stream which has taken a hit since Zynga ran into problems.

If all goes well it is likely that far more gambling games will appear on Facebook. This is especially likely since Zynga announced that they intend to introduce social gambling next year.

OCA News Editor