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Celebrity Deaths in Las Vegas

While Las Vegas is the world’s number one gambling destination and a fantastic place to go for a good time, it appears it can be lethal if you are a celebrity. Over the past three decades numerous celebrities have met their ends in Las Vegas for a variety of reasons ranging from drug abuse to old age.

There is a steadily growing list of celebrities who have met their end while in Las Vegas.

One of the most famous Las Vegas deaths was the English bass guitarist, songwriter, singer and horn player, John Entwistle, who was best known as being the bass guitarist in the rock band The Who. His aggressive sound has clearly influenced many other rock bass players and many describe him as the best bass player in the history of rock music.

Entwistle died in room number 658 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on 27th June 2002. His death came one day before the first scheduled show of The Who’s 2002 US tour. Entwistle had gone to bed that night with a fan (and stripper), Alycen Rowse, who woke up at 10am to find Entwistle, aged 57, dead. It was established by the Clark County medical examiner that the cause of death was a heart attack brought on by cocaine. Other famous musicians to have died in Las Vegas include Cornell Gunter (1990), Tupac Shakur (1996) and Billy Guy (2002).

Perhaps one of the least tragic Las Vegas deaths was that of Tony Curtis. After a scare in 1984 when Curtis was rushed to hospital because of problems with alcoholism and cocaine he entered the Betty Ford Clinic for what proved to be effective therapy. In July 2020 Curtis, who suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, was hospitalized in Las Vegas after an asthma attack. He died later that year in his open of a heart attack at the age of 85, by far the oldest celebrity to die in Vegas.

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