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Olympic Coverage in the US

Over the next few weeks people across the world will be eagerly tuning in to watch the London Olympic Games. Here is a quick overview of various means of watching this thrilling event.

Here is a quick guide to getting the best possible Olympics coverage for fans living within the US.

NBC have won the contract to provide live coverage of the games. After a poor start of season last September, NBC have announced that they will be using the Olympics to promote its new autumn television shows by showing sneak previews and pilot programs. During the 2008 Olympics NBC attracted an average audience of 27 million people, they’re hoping that similar numbers will return and it will provide a good opportunity to create interest in the new shows.

NBC will also be streaming all their coverage online, a total of 3500 hours of content. However, in order to watch everything from within the US you will need a cable or satellite provider. You can then login to and get full details on Olympic events and stream them to your computer. Even if you want to watch the Olympics on your iPhone/iPad you will need a provider and to download the NBC Olympics Extra app which aside from streaming will provide you with all the Olympics information you need.

Another option is the BBC Olympics iPhone app, this will allow you to stream around 2500 hours of Olympic coverage but it is not yet known if it will work outside of the UK.
The non-streaming option is the NBC Olympics app. It is free and can be used by everyone, regardless of whether you have a cable or satellite provider. This app will provide you with detailed Olympic coverage via your local NBC affiliate. Finally the 2012 TEAM USA Road to London Olympics app will give you scaled down content consisting of background information, a twitter feed and news stories.

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