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Hotel Casino for Facebook – Review

Earlier this week Merrywind Inc released their new Facebook game, Hotel Casino. In the game players take the role of an up-and-coming mogul attempting to make a name on the Vegas Strip. The player begins with a small amount of cash and can then play casino games in order to raise enough money to purchase a hotel and control part of the Strip.

An interesting new take on casino games, which given time has the potential to develop into a great community game

For now players can enjoy Blackjack, Texas Hold’Em Poker and a dice game called Tai-Sai and Caribbean Stud and Baccarat are listed as “coming soon”. There are a number of rooms that players can play in and betting is timed to make sure that no-one delays the game for too long.
During game play players are able to chat to one another, the messages appear as speech bubbles over the player’s Facebook profile pictures. Players can also view each other’s avatars in order to see their profile, statistics and sent them “treats”, a small item which costs very few credits and is displayed next to the recipient’s picture.

When a player has enough money they can purchase a hotel and being to manage it. They will then start making money from the hotel depending upon how many players are using it and the policies the owner has put in place. Hotel owners can set an admission price, minimum and maximum stake and customise which games are available. They can also create VIP lists for their hotel which allows frequent visitors to play in games with higher stakes.

There are some excellent ideas in Hotel Casino, however, the game tutorial and explanations are very poor. At present the player community is very small but should grow with time. However, the game deserves to attract players and once it does it should be an interesting game to play.

Fans of casino games should certainly keep an eye on this one!

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