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CSI Las Vegas Style Digital Download Review

The original CSI is still alive and kicking after 12 years. The show premiered in October 2000 and focuses on detective and crime scene investigators as they solve grisly murders in Las Vegas. The TV show is part “procedural” (watch them work with a song playing in the background) and part drama. Many of the crimes and investigations take place at Vegas’ top hotels and casinos.

Many of the crimes and investigations take place at Vegas’ top hotels and casinos.

With CSI Miami cancelled earlier this year, only two remain (CSI and CSI New York). CSI has had 12 successful seasons (a huge milestone for a TV show) with the 13th season premiering on September 26, 2012.

Amazon has just released the digital version of the 12th season. In case you missed any episodes – or the entire season – the 12th season is just a few clicks away. All 22 episodes are featured and available for purchase. You can buy all 22 episodes for $34.99 or buy them one at a time for $1.99 each. Buying the entire season at once will save you $6.80.

If you want the HD (high definition) version of CSI, it will cost you just a bit more – $2.99 per episode or $44.99 for the entire season. Buying the entire season in HD will save you $17.80. The first episode of season 12 is titled “73 Seconds” and aired on September 21, 2011. The season 12 finale is titled “Homecoming” and aired on May 9, 2012.

In the past, TV fans would buy their favorite shows at Blockbuster or other DVD stores. Today, it’s easier to download an episode in a few minutes. You can store a lot of episodes on one data DVD. At 2.1 gigabytes, even the HD version of a 45 minute TV show isn’t so big. The regular version is 935 megabytes. If you have a 30 MB internet connection (20-30 MB is common these days), you can download it in no time.

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