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5ive Liner Classic Slot Review

Anyone who enjoys the JPMi software land based slots is sure to love their 5ive Liner online classic slot game. Whilst it is not a video slot, it is just as exciting as many of the modern video slot games and should attract a wide range of players.

5ive Liner is a classic slot game from JPMi software which is so packed with features it feels like a modern video slot.

5ive Liner features three reels and 5 paylines with line bets ranging from 0.1 coins up to 10 coins. The game’s symbols include Cherries, Grapes, Watermelons, Single Bars, JPM symbols and the top paying symbol is the Red 7. A number of the symbols also have the number 1 next to them, when these are spun then the trail on the right hand side will climb by however many numbers are shown on the reels.

The trail offers a bonus if it reaches the number 4. When the bonus is activated simply hit Start and you will be awarded one of the following prizes: Respin, Choose a Trail, Add Again or Random Stop. Occasionally the trail is held in place and rolls over to the next spin, one it reaches 7 it advances to the top half of the machine. Then the fun really begins.

Whichever money trail the player is on, they must guess whether the next number will be higher or lower than the one shown in the centre, each correct guess results in a larger cash prize. A few numbers have the word Super on them. If you guess correctly on one of these then another bonus is activated. It contains six prizes flashing and the player must hit Stop to reveal a prize.

One of these prizes is a key, if the player lights all three keys during the bonus game then the mega money feature is activated. This features a spinning wheel which stops on a prize including cash multipliers up to x10.

This is a great classic slots game which, thanks to its vast amount of bonus features, should appeal to a large and wide ranging audience.


OCA News Editor