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This slot game is out of this world!

GoGo 3000 is a new 5 reel, 24 payline slot game from Baddamedia. The symbols are stacked 3 paylines high and they spin sideways. This gives the illusion of racers speeding across the screen. GoGo 3000 has an interesting and innovative layout and stands out from the crowd.

GoGo 3000 has an interesting and innovative layout and stands out from the crowd

The symbols of GoGo 3000 are colourful spaceships. Match 5 of the blue spaceship for a generous jackpot. The Super Saucer symbol is the wild in the game and it substitutes all symbols besides the scatter. The Lava Ship is the scatter symbol.

Besides “just trying to win”, you complete Planet Jumps in the game. When you’ve completed enough, you have earned your way to the 3D Spaceport Bonus Round. Now you are trying to repair as many space ships as you possibly can.

Super Prize is the other bonus game in GoGo 3000. You are rewarded with multipliers and free spins. You can win up to 5 free spins with a multiplier of between x1 and x50! GoGo 3000 has 3 jackpots – the Standard, the Mega and the Super Jackpot.

The Standard Jackpot is won when 5 wilds appear across one of the active paylines. The other 2 jackpots involve 2 special reel patterns. GoGo 3000 has a Super Bet feature which is similar to the usual gamble feature found on many slot games.

This is our first review of a “spaceship racing” slot game. GoGo 3000 is especially fun to play if you’re looking for a different kind of slot game.

OCA News Editor