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Free Gas for Canadians at Omni Casino

Any Canadians who enjoy online casinos be sure to check out Omni Casino. Aside from accepting Canadian dollars for deposits and betting, this month they are running a special promotion for Canadians called “Fill ‘Er Up! Canada.” Over the coming weeks Canadian players have the chance to win up to $50 of free gas.

This month Omni Casino is running a fantastic promotion giving Canadians the chance to win up to $50 of free gas.

This promotion is another part of the Hot Seat Bonus promotion; however, it’s a special bonus that is only available to Canadian players. According to the Omni Times newsletter all Canadian players have to do is bet at the casino to earn their Hot Seat points in the normal way. Then, if they reach the “warmer” level they are awarded with a $25 Gas Card as well as the regular cash prize and if they reach the “toasty” level then a $50 Gas Card is awarded.

For those not familiar with the Hot Seat Bonus promotion it works as follows. Players are awarded one Hot Seat Point for each qualifying gaming day, this is a day on the calendar during which a player spends at least $1,250 in wagers. Players then earn cash bonuses depending upon the number of day that the player achieves. Five gaming days will place the play at the “chilly” level and give them a $15 bonus, 7 – 11 days puts the player in the “warming” region and comes with a $40 bonus. The next level up, “warmer”, comes after 12 – 17 gaming days and comes with $105 bonus and the “toasty” region comes after 18 – 22 gaming days and is accompanied by $215. The “hot” region is achieved after 23 – 27 qualifying days and has a $330 bonus and finally the “jackpot hot” region is reached after 28 or more qualifying days and comes with a $500 bonus.

Be sure not to miss out on this fantastic promotion and head over to Omni Casino today.

OCA News Editor