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Social Gaming is a World of Fun

World of Fun is the newest social game on Facebook and it’s off to a promising start. It launched only a few days ago and is already at over 20,000 daily users – the usage graph at AppData looks like a 90 degree angle.

World of Fun has a world of slot and card games!

Players start off at level 1 and climb the social slots ladder. Dragon Tale and Magic Pot are the first slot games that new players encounter. Both are colourful and fit the fun theme of the game. With every win you gain experience points (“XP”). At level 3, another slot game is unlocked.

Slots are only part of the fun in World of Fun. There are card games, Texas Hold ‘Em, Roulette, Craps, Keno and even Wheel of Fortune. The good card games are unlocked starting at level 4.

World of Fun has a Leaderboard and terrific special offers for gamers looking to buy more coins. The game has a teaser for “Friend Spinner – spin your friends in our social slot” that is coming soon. We’re looking forward to seeing that and promise a review as soon as it’s live!

Social gaming is a huge business and World of Fun is on its way to becoming a top social game.

OCA News Editor