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Exciting Jackpot Wins Online and Offline

This week has produced some exciting wins in the world of casinos, both online and land based. One player at Red Hawk Casino won $148,962 whilst at a new player was lucky enough to win €18,018.

George from Winton, California was playing Pai Gow Poker at Red Hawk Casino over the weekend. He couldn’t believe his luck when he was dealt a seven-card straight flush; he immediately knew that he was in for a big win as he had placed the $1 progressive bet that meant he qualified for the progressive jackpot of $148,962.

According to George he enjoys playing at the Red Hawk Casino thanks to their friendly employees and he has been a regular there since it opened in 2008. He said that one of the first things he wanted to do with his winnings was play on their $10 slot machines.

There have been some thrilling wins at land based casinos and online over the past few weeks

Meanwhile, online at 888casino Piotr R. from Iceland won whilst playing the Spiderman Marvel Hero Slots and took home €18,018. Whilst big wins are fairly common at 888casino, this one was extra exciting as Piotr had only signed up a couple of weeks earlier.

Piotr claims that he has no strategy and up until now had never believed in big wins. He says that he was playing the slot machines “for fun and to see how the games in 888casino look””. To celebrate his win he bought a number of gifts for his family and then had a huge party that ran all night long.

Next he is planning on buying a new car and going on holiday with his wife to Ibiza. Now he has a taste for it Piotr says that some of his “winnings will certainly be devoted to continuing the game in the casino”. Hopefully his good luck will continue.

OCA News Editor