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Massive Jackpots at William Hill Bingo

If you’re a bingo fan then be sure to check out William Hill before the 4th February. They are giving away a £5,000 jackpot every day in the community room.

This week will see at least £5,000 given away every day at William Hill Bingo and next month an exciting new feature is coming to William Hill Sports

Until next Saturday all you have to do is call bingo on 38 numbers before 5pm to win the jackpot, if the jackpot isn’t won they will increase the number of calls by 2 per hour until the jackpot is won. When someone finally wins the jackpot they take home £2,500 whilst the remainder of the players with tickets in the game will share the other half.

In other good news for William Hill players, Passoker, the in-play betting product, have just signed a supply deal with William Hill Online. Passoker will go live on William Hill next month with their unique product which combines elements of card games with in-play betting.

The CEO at Passoker, Stuart Carr, said that reaching a deal with “one of the best known names in the business in William Hill is a hugely significant agreement for Passoker”. Carr believes that the deal will hugely expand their potential audience and lead to a large number of new users.

Passoker’s product can be enjoyed on any live televised event. All players need to do is decide which event they want to bet on and how much they want to bet, then they are randomly assigned to a table. Players are then give a card which contains an event pertaining to the game they are watching, for example in a football game it may contain offside, corner, free-kick, goal etc. The player holding the winning card takes all the stakes and the game begins again.

The COO of William Hill Online, Jim Mullen, said that Passoker will be bringing “much added value” and provide the customers with “more opportunities to bet in a number of new and interesting way”.

OCA News Editor