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Massive Slot Pay Outs at Jackpotjoy Online Casino

Online Casino Jackpotjoy has seen two really exciting online slot wins in recent weeks. One player won almost £11,000 and another over £17,500.

Over the last few weeks two lucky players have won thousands of pounds at Jackpotjoy online casino.

Mrs Valarie N won £10,961 whilst playing Tycoons Progressive slots. After winning she said that she is extremely excited but doesn’t yet know what she’s going to do with the win. Half of the win will go to her friend who she has been playing with for a few years; Mrs N said that up until; now they’ve had two wins of £1,000 but never anything this big.
The Tycoons Progressive Slots game is an old fashioned slot game which has been excellently transformed into an online game. The game has just one pay line but offers players a number of different coin denominations. The game also features bonus rounds and auto spin.

A couple of weeks earlier a woman known as Leah S won a massive £17,567 playing the Diamond Bonanza game. When Leah was asked how it felt all she said was that it “hasn’t sunk in yet”.

Diamond Bonanza is a hugely popular game at Jackpotjoy as it is a very easy to play multi-line slots with a wealth of personalised settings options. Players have the choice between betting 25p, 50p or £1. At the start of each game players choose a coin size and the number of win lines they wish to bet on. From then on you can set the auto spin and sit back and watch the game make you money.

Leah S is said to be thrilled with her win, she played the game for a while now, but this is the first time that she has had such a large pay out.

If you fancy your chances then head to Jackpotjoy today and make you could be their next big slots winner.

OCA News Editor