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Two New Social Casino Games from Yazino

Over the last month Yazino has released two exciting new social games, a slot game called High Stakes and a great blackjack game.

Over the last month Yazino has released to new social games built around the classic casino games slots and blackjack.

The slot game High Stakes is available on and also on Facebook. This game incorporates a classic slot game with some unique social features. Players must compete to climb the ranks of a gang of gem thieves. The game allows up to 10 people to compete as a team, each is a member of the gang of thieves and your ultimate aim is to crack the code on the safe, steal the gem and receive a huge pay-out. The game is full of bonuses which grow the more you play, when the safe is finally cracked the top six members of the team are paid with their rank determining the size of the pay-out.

Hussein Chahine, the Founder and Chief Executive of Yazino, said that they have taken the most popular casino game on the web and added “a real-time multiplayer dynamic for live social gameplay”. He claims that they have “reinvented the slots game as a truly social experience.”

Yazino’s new blackjack application for iPad creates an amazing casino atmosphere. It too brings a fantastic social element to a casino classic. Players can choose between Vegas rules and Atlantic City rules and then join a table which have time limits ranging from 15 seconds down to 5 seconds. There are a maximum of four players at each table. Whilst playing you can chat with others seated at the table which often leads to some fun in-game banter.

If you download the game today you’ll receive a bonus of 2,500 chips every day so you don’t need to worry about spending real money in order to enjoy this fun game.

OCA News Editor