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Two Huge Progressive Jackpots Won in One Week

In the past week two huge online progressive jackpots have been hit. The Mega Moolah was won for $5,201,558.97 and InterCasino’s Millionaires Club was hit for just under £1,000,000.

In the last week over $6 million has been paid out to lucky winners playing the Mega Moolah and the Millionaires Club slot games.

The Mega Moolah is structured in such a way that the prize is never less than £/€/$1 Million hence its nickname “the millionaire maker”. This week’s winner known only as A.D. won on a 50 cent bet that was made using free online casino bonus money and took home a huge €3.84 million. Since their launch of the progressive jackpot in 1999 Microgaming has paid out more than $320 million and made a number of people into multi-millionaires.

At InterCasino the Millionaires Club progressive jackpot comes in three different versions. Millionaires Club I is a simple one line slot game, version II is a nine-line video slots and the third version is a 20 line video slot with stunning graphics and extra bonus rounds. InterCasino did not say which version the lucky winner was playing but they did identify them as Noura from Lebanon.

According to Noura it was a “wonderful moment” and that he “always believed that I would win”. Since launching InterCasino has paid out over £10 billion to its players and they have many more progressive jackpots waiting to be hit.
The two winners prior to Noura won over the million mark and the Millionaires Club highest ever pay out was almost £6 million. On average the game pays out £1.1 million every 200 days.

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