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$4.5 Million waiting to be won in Beach Life progressive jackpot

Over the last week huge amounts of money has become available in the world of online slots. One lucky casino player from Chile won the Fantastic Four slots at Titan Casino and took home $1.4 million.

The jackpot has been growing steadily for a few months now and was won in just a single spin. The player was using the game’s autoplay feature when the jackpot was won; using this feature the game plays ten rounds without requiring any kind of input from the player.

The Fantastic Four slots game is one of four Marvel Mystery progressive jackpots. The others are the Incredible Hulk, Blade, Elektra and Iron Man 2 and they all have huge jackpots just waiting to be won.

Another popular progressive jackpot slots game is Beach Life. This week saw its jackpot grow to over $4.5 million. Beach Life has been in the news a lot recently, around half a year ago it was won for $359,268, won of its lowest wins ever. However, since then the jackpot has grown in size. It hit the headlines in September when it grew to over $2.5 million and this week it has grown to the largest it has ever been.

All the online Playtech casinos are encouraging their players to bet on Beach Life as they all want to announce that this huge jackpot was won on their site. Every day the jackpot is growing by around $35,000 and it is expected to be worth over $5 million in a little less than two weeks. Each time the jackpot is won it resets to just $50,000 and this huge jackpot has been growing for many months.

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