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Dave Chappelle Booed Off Stage at Seminole Casino

The American comedian, Dave Chappelle, was forced to offer a public apology to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino after being booed off stage by fans. The 37 year old stand up was reported to have delivered a nauseatingly poor performance at the venue – stopping to check his text messages throughout the live routine. Although the casino has graciously acknowledged Chappelle’s apology, many disappointed fans are still angry at having paid good money to see the star.

The US comedian was forced to apologize to the Seminole Hard Rock Casino after his stand up show bombed.

Dave Chappelle represents one of the most celebrated names in film and television. Launching his career in the classic comedy, Robin Hood: Men in Tights back in 1993, Chappelle would go on to secure his reputation with minor cameos in titles such as The Nutty Professor, Con Air, and Blue Streak.

Rated number 43 in Comedy Central’s list of 100 Greatest Stand Ups of All Time, Chappelle is best known for his widely acclaimed sketch TV series, Chappelle’s Show which drew to a close in 2006. More recently, he appeared in the 200th episode of Inside the Actors Studio where he interviewed the programme’s regular host, James Lipton.

Reporting the incident, the Huffington Post said that Chappelle’s disastrous set comprised of a single joke followed by a deadly and interminable silence. It was not long before the audience began to hiss and boo – heckling the comedian until he was forced to leave the arena. Seminole has said that the star is welcome to return to the casino at a future date in spite of the incident. Out of pocket fans may, however, be less willing to offer their forgiveness.

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