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Lopez to Divorce Husband Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez’s love life was in the spotlight this month after the singer, dancer and actress confirmed that she would be separating from her husband, Marc Anthony. Lopez, 42, revealed that she and her long term partner would be going their separate ways after seven years of marriage. The latest reports suggest that Anthony’s gaming habits may well have been the source of the conflict which came to a head earlier this year. Fresh rumours imply that Anthony had been spending increasing amounts of time playing online blackjack and poker – leading him to abandon his wife and neglect the marriage.

Jennifer Lopez will be separating from her gambling husband, Marc Anthony, after seven years of marriage.

Fans of the celebrity couple have responded with some surprise to the news following the pair’s string of public appearances and outspoken declarations of affection. Speaking on a popular US chat show, Lopez said that she and Marc shared an unconditional acceptance of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. “We know each other’s hope and dreams”, she gushed, before adding that “we’re the best gauge of how we can be the best in everything we do”. “We really do understand each other,” concluded the singer.

Meanwhile insiders revealed that the marriage was far from perfect and contained many areas of tension. One family associate said that the couple “clashed” after Lopez discovered that her husband owed millions of dollars in unpaid taxes on the Long Island estate. Other sources of conflict emerged as a result of their demanding work schedules. “J Lo’s career is in Hollywood and she wanted to live in their Malibu mansion”, revealed the source. “They couldn’t agree where to live”, it went on.

OCA News Editor