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Taking the waters, Harrah’s opens new casino

Whether the boat will float remains to be seen but it is no less spectacular for all that!

It cost Harrah’s more than $500 million and is about 175,000 square feet of sheer luxury. In comparison to other riverboat casinos, this is superlative. Row upon row of table games, 3,200 slots and you get the picture. All this amidst crystal chandeliers and luxury furniture – a literal haven for gamblers.

Riverboat casinos were legalized in Indiana in 1993. They are allowed to operate on Lake Michigan and the Ohio River. Persons under 21 are not allowed on board and riverboat casinos use tokens and chips for gambling. Indiana riverboat casinos are required to be seaworthy and Harrah’s has adhered to the letter of the law but for one thing, the new Horseshoe is too wide to navigate the Hammond inlet and will therefore become a permanent addition to the dock. While Mayor Daley is busy fighting the Illinois legislature over the building of a Chicago casino, Harrah’s seized the opportunity gaining a huge head start with the opening of The Horseshoe Casino. The sheer opulence of the refurbished cruiser has set new standards for riverboat casinos and competitors will have to pull out all the stops to beat this venue.

Local communities have welcomed riverboat casinos because of promised job opportunities and local investment. In addition they serve as a tourist attraction.

The Horseshoe Casino has a 3,000 seater venue which offers entertainment and draws in people who might not otherwise gamble. Bill Cosby will make his appearance there on November 15th.

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