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New internet gambling site accepts also Americans

With sparkling graphics and tables so real you will think you are in a land casino, Cherry Red Casino was launched to great fanfare. It is modelled along the same lines as its sister internet gambling site, Rushmore Casino but with a lot of improvements.

The site has a plush feeling with dark cherry red trim which gives it a welcoming feel. Reviews of the internet gambling site are very positive even saying that Cherry Red beats its sister site when it comes to sophistication. Stunning online slots, progressive jackpots with exceptionally high payouts, blackjack, roulette and video poker offers players a multitude of choices.

Registration at the internet gambling site requires a cash account and the download of some software. There is also the option to play instantly which does not require a download. Real Time Gaming is the force behind the software of the new internet gambling site.

Customer support on this site is said to be the fastest around and the cashier function operates smoothly. Add to that the safety of customer information via encryption and this site is set to be a winner. Cherry Red also offers some amazing welcome bonuses.

OCA News Editor