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New Casino Hall Loved by Audience, Not so by performers

The new concert hall of the Treasure Island Casino Event in red wing, Minn, was apparently not the big a hit for the performers. One of the night’s performers, Tim McGraw, told reporters that since the hall is only able to hold about 3,000 people, it reminded him of times when he was “honky-tonking a little bit.”

The new concert hall is part of the new casino events center, which includes 230 brand new hotel rooms and a 24 lane bowling alley. The entire expansion cost around $50 million. Despite McGraw’s disappointment with the casino events hall, the audience seemed to be more than pleased with its surroundings.

Emily Redman (22) of Apple Valley, for example, is a frequent visitor at Treasure island, and said that the hall offers a “better experience,” explaining that it was intimate and tidy, which is enough reason to want to comeback. Her husband, Chad (36), agreed, saying that the stage was so close that the experience was surreal, and that it was overall a beautiful place.

Liz Zolondek (27) of Minneapolis said that despite the casino events hall being over-priced (4230 for 8th row), it had high quality sound, and the intimacy of the area made it feel as though McGraw was “singing to you.”
Similarly, Jim Albertson (50) of Stillwater explained that the intimacy of the casino events hall made his experience comfortable, for he did not have to stand up to see. He too will be returning for the line up of events scheduled at the casino hall.

OCA News Editor