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Brain by Bingo? Science proves positive effects.

Because of the increasing popularity of the game, professionals are studying the game. It seems that bingo stimulates the grey matter and is not only for the grey haired. Old and young can benefit from playing bingo, the rapid hand-eye coordination required definitely seems to help the brain. As a person ages, the speed of hand-eye coordination reduces and bingo is a way of keeping the brain fit.

Bingo has progressed from the community centres and church halls to online casinos. Now just about anyone can play bingo right in their own homes. Regular bingo and online bingo are played according to the same rules. Online bingo offers some additional challenges, not only do players have to concentrate on their game, they also have to type. Bingo offers a very pleasurable way to keep the brain fit and meet other players from across the world on the internet.

Problem gambling has increased exponentially and bingo, while not being singled out, has also been attributed with adding to the figures. Responsibility in Gambling Trust has been created specifically to treat and perhaps even prevent problem gambling. RIGT has called on the online gambling industry to help fund their educational program. They have asked for 10 million pounds annually and have said that they have already spent around 10 times more money since their inception in 2000 and anticipate that the figure will increase as internet gambling becomes more accessible.

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