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Another online casino from CasinoRewards opens in November 2008

The new online casino will have to compete with the other online casinos in the CasinoRewards group and the competition is fairly stiff. GoldenTigerCasino, one of the online casinos of CasinoRewards has just recently been revamped and offers some huge incentives to new players, its free sign-up bonus of $1,500 will be hard to beat.

Just recently a lucky video poker player at the GoldenTiger hit 2 royal flushes in just 3 days. And apparently this same player also did it in February this year. The chances of getting a royal flush are very limited which makes this quite an event!

What is more GoldenTiger offers an hour’s worth of play free, any winnings from that hour’s play may be used on any other game offered by the online casino. All this without losing one cent of the player’s own money.
Other online casino operators are sure to watch the performance of the new online casino and hopefully it will be as successful as the groups other online casinos.

CasinoRewards has the largest number of online casinos on the internet. By the end of 2008 the CasinoRewards group will total 19 online casinos. The group’s online casinos all offer some 280 games. The competition amongst online casino operators is tough and players can now benefit from the spectacular offers made by them. A word of caution though, there are countless numbers of online casinos and lots of them offer wonderful bonuses but comes pay out time, the story becomes complicated. Always choose only reputable, licensed online casinos to play at.

OCA News Editor