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New Entertainment Oriented Concept for Online Casinos

Doing my weekly roundup of what’s new in the online gaming world and simultaneously checking out the tabloids got me thinking – what about a combination of the two? Imagine the possibilities of where an online wager could take you…will Brangelina conceive again in 2009? Or if the twosome choose to adopt again (which is altogether another bet), where will the lucky little orphan hail from? Pondering a list of impoverished third world nations, the question of the sex of the child also comes to mind. “I bet Brad will want another girl of his own” and endless commentary of this caliber can be heard on the tube or the subway from Watford to Washington, so why not cash in on the interest?

I’m willing to bet there are tons of interested ladies willing to make a wager on subject matter such as the progeny of Brad Pitt. It clearly evokes passionate interest from a far reaching demographic. The mind boggles when you start to imagine how far this venture could possibly go. A long way if you ask me. Just team the tabloids with sleek and glossy Playtech software and there you have it E-Gaming: an online entertainment and gambling domain for people watchers the world over.

And if you thought I was taking the mick, you may be underestimating the potential betting power and prowess of such a punter. Hordes of slot playing pensioners saving themselves the trip and playing their favorite star studded slot machine from home. All the glitz of Vegas slots interspersed with interesting facts and up to date news on your favorite faces. All you do is set up your account, deposit funds and use casino bonuses to bankroll your play. The ‘George Clooney’ with a progressive jackpot that doubles every time Georgie winks – surely an appealing concept, no?!

Ah, if only England could manage to qualify for the World Cup. Not only could you take a punt on actual games, an estimate of the WAGS bar tabs could surely become something to bet your heard earned pounds on. Can Ashley stay faithful for the duration of the 2010 World Cup and will Cheryl remain Mrs. Cole by the end of it all?

Any despondent English football follower may reluctantly protest all this hinges on the whether or not the squad actually qualifies. But, you see, it doesn’t! You can gamble on it all and even if England fails to qualify, yet again, odds are there’ll be plenty of speculation as to why and more importantly, who’s to blame. All you have to do is tap into the gambling demographic.

With new reality shows being launched steadily throughout September and a new series of The Hills scheduled to go to air, the possibilities are endless. Add to the mix, the start of the awards season, the Emmy’s, Golden Globes and Oscars, wagers on who takes home a trophy in which frock could be both profitable and entertaining. Who said you can’t kill tow birds with one stone? Gaming Entertainment for Star Gazers and couch potatoes alike.
Think of the possibilities for markets across the globe and then tell me it’s not a good idea. Place your bets on how many pounds Oprah will lose or gain this season. Have a punt at whether Wills will finally propose to Kate or take a stab at Chelsy – is she really royal material? From European Royal watchers to US daytime soap junkies, E-gaming could allow them their goss and a gamble in the one location.

OCA News Editor