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The movie 21 makes Internet casino gambling trendy

The movie “21” has already by now had a huge success, especially among the ever growing Internet casino crowd, for whom it is a dream come true. The movie is based on a real story written by Ben Mezrich’s bestselling novel Bringing Down the House. It tells the story of the infamous MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Blackjack Team who won millions at different Las Vegas casinos by using their abilities to read cards. The movie throws in a love story and a success among Internet casino gamblers is created.

A young shy medical student and a dubious college lecturer are at the centre of the plot. The medical student, Ben Campbell, attracts the attention of the lecturer, Mickey Rosa, because of his maths gifts. The lecturer offers Ben to join his secret Blackjack card counting team, which he eventually joins when he realises that his girl he has a secret crush on, also is a member. The movie depicts the team’s adventures in Vegas and their many winnings, and should especially be enjoyed for its magnificent depiction of the special Las Vegas atmosphere.

Not only is the movie “21” a success with many Internet casino gamblers. But it has also had its affect out side the movie theatres. The Internet casino site, BackgammonMasters, has been inspired by the movie, and is now hiring a MIT blackjack testing team, to play through and test their latest Internet casino software. Not many movies about gambling and Internet casino can be said to have had such an impact.

OCA News Editor