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Casino Gambling Theme Leads to Another Box-Office Success in Hollywood

Casino gambling has been a Hollywood favorite in the past few years, and the theme has earned them literally millions at the box office. With the major success of Ocean’s 11, Ocean’s 12 and Ocean’s 13, it was no doubt that casino gambling would soon hit the big screen again and bring in another industry achievement.

The latest casino gambling movie to make the big screen is “21”. Based on a true story, the movie speaks about a group of MIT students who develop a card-counting system that is capable of beating the Las Vegas casino system. The students decide to venture into the development in order to finance their studies, yet their success brings them $6 million over the course of a year. Even though card counting is legal in Ls Vegas, it is not something that casino operators appreciate, and this leads to an adventure of excitement for the students.

The movie is an adaptation of Ben Mezrich’s best selling novel, and has been released by Columbia Pictures. The statistics genius and maths proessor known as Micky Rosa is played by Kevin Spacey. The protagonist, Ben Campbell, is played by Jim Sturgess, and the movie features a range of other promising cast members such as Kate Bosworth and Laurence Fishburne.
Boston.TV is an online video network, and is now airing behind the scenes footage of how the movie was made. The shot features the ways in which the students disguised themselves so as not to get caught, the development of the card counting system, and interviews with the film’s creators and actors.

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