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Casino Gambling Fun Used to Fundraise For American Red Cross

The America Red Cross of Coshocton celebrated a charity night of casino gambling fun this week at the Moose Lodge on Main Street. Being their third annual ‘Vegas Night’, the event helped raise money for disaster services in the United States.

To emphasize the importance of the casino gambling fun, the Red Cross decided to use play money for all the gambling. So not only did participants get a night of entertaining casino gambling fun, but any funds they lost at the tables were directed at charity, proving to be a win-win situation for all.

According to the Chair of the local chapter’s Fundraising Committee, Michelle McHenry, fundraising has not been an easy task for the Red Cross in recent times, yet the Vegas Night always allows people to both donate and enjoy themselves at the same time, making it very successful. As such, casino gambling fun was the main money-maker of the evening.

The Executive Director, Craig Patterson, admitted that it’s the casino games that make the event so enjoyable, yet even the locals were first to notice the importance of donating to the community via the event. Casino gambling fun is definitely more effective (and more bearable) than plain old door-to-door donations, and many charity organizations have also been using this system as a way of gathering much needed funds.
Some of the donations made were already directed at fire victims, providing them with clothes, food, and temporary housing.

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