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Online Casino Bingo Comes to TV

The world-renowned gambling group NetPlay TV Plc has confirmed that it will soon be launching a brand new TV show called “Celebrity TV Bingo”. Hosted by Greg Scott, and joined by UK celebrity comedians Cannon and Ball and ex-Bulleyes presenter Jim Bowen, it is expected to be the most exciting form of online casino bingo to hit the streets of England yet.

The online casino Bingo TV show will be broadcasted between 9am and 12 noon, daily on the Sky Channel (847). What is unique about the show is that it will allow players the chance to play both online casino Bingo and TV Bingo at the same time, both from the comfort of their own homes. In addition, players will also be able to interact with the celebrities featured on the show, and win instant cash prize give-aways. All that is required to participate in the inline casino Bingo frenzy is a print-out of the bingo cards.

To be launched this Summer, NetPlay TV Plc decided to make the move after acquiring one of Europe’s leading online casino Bingo companies, The site operates in the UK, Italy, Poland and Spain, and over 1 million registered users have been added to the database since it was purchased. NetPlay paid GBP 6.25 million for the site.
The CEO of NetPlay, Martin Higginson, believes that the new TV show will help promote the newly acquired online casino, and that the venture will be the first of many new innovations.

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