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Gamestec Reveals Interesting Results on Quiz and Casino Fruit Machines

Gamestec, a world leading casino games operator, has concluded its research on the differences between quiz machines and casino fruit machines. Titled “Developing the Future for Fruit Machines and Quiz Machines in the UK”, the report revealed that it is essential for licensees, for financial purposes, to distinguish between those customers that are attracted by quiz machines, and those customers that are attracted by casino fruit machines.
The results shown in the report commissioned by Gamestec indicates that in order for gaming operators and licensees to increase their income, a division must be made between the quiz machine market, and that of casino fruit machines.

From the answers accumulated from over 4,000 interviews conducted by Harris, it has been understood that despite that the audiences for each market are similar, online gamblers play quiz and casino fruit machines for different purposes, and thus expect different treatment.
According to the Managing Director of Gamestec, Stuart Ross, “While fruit machine and quiz machine players are typically male and single, they use different machines for very different reasons.”

The report commissioned by Gamestec related to land-based quiz and casino fruit machines, yet it can be assumed that such conditions can also be applied to the online gambling domain. It was revealed that the pub is the most popular destination for playing quiz and casino fruit machines, with sports clubs and social venues following behind it.

OCA News Editor